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Creatures of my bedroom

I was just sitting here, sipping on my cup of hot cocoa and then i thought, “Its been TOO long since my last post!”…. and my sister mannaire has kinda sparked my drive to start updating again…. Todays post will be nice and light…. its about what makes my room the funnest room in the house :P….

My room is…… lets just say… its full of life!!! LITERALLY! I share my room with the following….


The Quads, my 4 baby Red Eared Sliders

these little guys are adorable… and although I agree they should be banned from the pet trade here in Kuwait… i just had to put their photo up!!!

Liam, My oldest Chinese Soft Shelled turtle

Liam, My oldest Chinese Soft Shelled turtle

Of all the pets in my room zoo… Liam has the strongest character… Mannaire my sis just doesn’t understand him…. hence the weird conversations she has with him… ill stop there! Next, my precious!

My Albino Chinese Soft Shelled Turtle, Gooey.

My Albino Chinese Soft Shelled Turtle, Gooey.

This is Gooey. His name came from the fact that everyone who sees him goes EWWWWW… so i thought… yea.. he kinda looks gooey…. I love albino aMinals!!! Seeing as not many people keep these guys just makes it that much more exciting to own one!!! He is fiesty tho! Not a cuddley pet.

My "temporary" Apple Snail enclosure

My "temporary" Apple Snail enclosure

I say temporary cuz im too lazy to move them into the bigger tank at the moment…. as you can see, in the back wall of the tank right at the top the snails have laid some eggs… i just love little surprises like that! Theyre quite relaxing to watch as their bodies move in a fluid floaty motion…. again, most people walk in and cringe…. EWW! so thats what theyre called :>

Last but not least…. the most important man in my life, the oh so famous, Woof…..

The Don Naughty-one!

The Don Naughty-one!

Some say, “oh, its just a cat!”. Not this one. Check out Mannaire’s Post on Woof, the cat.

Thanks again for reading my post! More to come!


Farting Guinness
January 10, 2008, 11:52 pm
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As entertaining as it might be to watch someone fart a pint of stout, this is about my kitten Guinness. You see, originally, I wanted to talk about my cat’s farting problem. After having written the title it comes to light that there isn’t much more to say than “my cat farts”. I could begin to describe the odd resemblance of the smell to rotten eggs amalgamated with curry sauce… but I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to tell you the story behind the farting kitty, this is where it all began:

“One Saturday morning after doing the housework, I decided to chill ax and spend some quality time with my handful-of-kitten, baby Guinness. He was only four months old at the time and smelled of cookies and dust. There he was, a ball of fluff lying tummy-up in my arms. As I leaned in to give him a kiss on his head I felt a weak contraction of my whole kitten accompanied by a loud sound, somewhat like the sound of a choo-choo train, and a whiff of morning breath. I was in SHOCK! How could a smell so offensive, so distasteful, come out of a ball of fluff?”

Something needed to be done. So I progressed to doing some reading here and there about how to make it all STOP! Then it hits me… there IS no way to stop a cat farting, but there are ways we can reduce the farting whilst taming the smell. It’s all about the diet.

Here are some tips on taming the MONSTERS of farts that your cat may emit:

* Avoid giving your cat milk, it disagrees with their digestive systems

* Try switching to a more organic diet like homecooked food. It’s friendlier to your pocket and you know exactly what goes into it!

* Feed him treats rich in fibre, like those intended for hairballs, or give him access to fresh clean grass

* A couple of tablespoons of powdered brewers yeast a day sprinkled onto his food helps reduce farting AND gets rid of fleas!!!

* Switch to dry cat food (my cat gets diarrhoea when he eats commercial wet cat food)

* Avoid cat foods containing corn, chicken meal and soybean meal, go for those that have lamb meal, rice and barley

I hope this was helpful to all those fart-generator owners but mostly I hope everyone reading was even a tiny bit amused