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Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse
May 6, 2008, 3:16 pm
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Easy Peasy catnip mouse

Materials Needed:

Small amount of scrap acrylic yarn, small amount of catnip, 3.5mm crochet hook, some stuffing, Jingley bell (optional).


Ch 17,

Row 1: sc in 2nd st from hook and continue till the end. This will make the tail.

Row 2: Next, make 7 sc in the last loop of the tail (ie. In last sc). (7st total)

Row 3: We will be working in a spiral so do not sl st into the first of the 7 sc. Next, do 2sc in each sc (14st total)

Row 4: *sc in 1st sc, 2sc in 2nd sc* repeat 6 times. (21st total)

Row 5-7: sc in each sc

Row 8: sc in first 5 sc, sc next two sts tog. Repeat until you can just snugly fit your index finger into the top of the mouse. Stuff with catnip and stuffing (and bell).

*next we add the ears. Get another colour of yarn, join it to the outer lip of one sc, as we will use the inner lip to complete the mouse. Ch 2, then in the same sc make 2 dc, sl st in same sc lip. Next, sl st in the outer lip of the next stitch, and the one after. Next, ch 2, 2dc and sl st. tie and cut off.

Row 9: Continue with sc in 1st sc, sc next 2 sts tog, until you only have 7 sts around left. After which just sc next 2 sts tog until you are left with about 3 sts. Leave a 3 inch tail of yarn to seal and secure.

Weave in any loose ends into the mouse, et voilá!!! You have a catnip mouse!


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Fun idea! thanks for the pattern Mollie!

Comment by machelle

That is so cute! Thanks for the great idea!

Comment by texasheartland

Too cute! Love the curly tails.

Comment by vigilant20

one of the cutest mouse patterns for cats i’ve seen!!~~do you have patterns for other cat stuff??

Comment by Doreen

Thank you Doreen… I am currently working on a number of other projects and ill be posting the patterns up soon!!

Comment by tubachingching

This is so cute – thanks so much for the pattern! I’m sure my kitties will LOVE it!

Comment by jessecreations

Thank you for this great pattern! What I like about it most is that everything is thoroughly attached and I don’t have to worry that my kitties won’t tear off a tail or an ear and swallow it.

Comment by bonitapita

I made this for gifts for friend’s who have cats and gave them away with a little tag from Oscar and Ashley which are my cats names and people adorned them. I made more smiles with stash.

Comment by Susanne

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Great toy! Just finished making one and one of my kittens is enjoying it so much. I have to make more of them. Thanks for the pattern!!!

Comment by Arlene

Hey! I love these little mice! I did have a question about them though. I just donated ten of them to a local no-kill shelter, and they’d like me to make a TON more for them to sell at their big fundraiser even in two weeks. This isn’t my pattern, but would you mind if I used it? I’m not making money off of it, after all. It’s for the critters. Please let me know; these guys can use all the help they can get

Comment by Monica Shappy

[…] and present to your cat. These are fast and easy to make (search for free patterns online such as Mollie’s Blog of Stuff), and very durable! Photo copyright Mollie’s Blog of Stuff. […]

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[…] and present to your cat. These are fast and easy to make (search for free patterns online such as Mollie’s Blog of Stuff), and very […]

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This an Good write up, I will save this post in my Mixx account. Have a great evening.

Comment by Lavonia Sacane

Maybe I’m too much of a beginner… what does “sc next 2 sts tog,” mean? I mean, how do you do it?

Comment by karen

thats short for single crochet the next 2 stitches together… it just means to decrease by one basically!

Comment by tubachingching

Hi there!
These are beyond awesome – I just finished the first one for my mate’s kitten (her favorite toy to carry around and sleep with previously being one of my fuzzy socks) in neon green.

The mice are adorable and so quick and easy to make. 🙂 Thank you very much!

Comment by Lioness Raawr!

you are very welcome!!! since they are quite quick to make its very easy to get carried away and just keep making em… i ended up giving about 50 of them to a local animal shelter.. simply because only one of the 2 cats i own plays with them…

Comment by tubachingching

Just made one and my cat is playing with it! He has never played with toys in the 5 years I have had him! I am so happy! Thanks for the pattern.

Comment by Stacy

u r very welcome!!! thats one lucky kitty!

Comment by tubachingching

I love it!

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Comment by Fernanda Aeschlimann

My daughter and I are making these to donate to our local Humane Society. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

Comment by Carolyn Jenkins

[…] I have seen catnip sold dried in pet stores (they were for sale in Chew Thean Yeang Pet Centre) at a rather high price. And to think I have been growing this all over my little garden. I often wondered what it was – this catnip thingy – and now I know. A creative way to use catnip is to dried the leaves and stuff them into little crocheted cat toys. […]

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I am brand new to crocheting and I just cannot figure this out. I got up to the 7 crochet in tail. Do you turn before you do them? I am lost from there on. Sorry for the lack of knowledge but I am determined to learn.

Comment by Betty Moore

[…] My cat – I got a great idea from Minding My Own Stitches, and will probably make this mouse. […]

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[…] My cat – I got a great idea from Minding My Own Stitches, and will probably make this mouse. […]

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So sweet

Comment by Birgit

My cat absolutely loves it! Thank-you for this pattern 🙂

Comment by Kandi

[…] pointed out that there was a broken link to the crocheted ball pattern. Also, I decided to add a crocheted mouse pattern, just in case you get inspired by these […]

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This is great! Just what I needed for my roommate’s cat. I think she’ll really like it! The pattern seems really easy to work up, too. Thanks for sharing this!

Comment by Krysha Thayer

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I made a bunch of these and took them to a local shelter on Saturday. They ended up on TV! http://www2.wsls.com/news/2012/dec/25/angels-of-assisi-spreads-christmas-cheer-72593-vi-44700/ The cats love them. Thank you for a great pattern.

Comment by randomfoodiefreak

So cute! I linked to them on my blog this morning, if you want to check it out: http://www.mooglyblog.com/free-crochet-patterns-for-cat-lovers/ 🙂 Thank you for sharing your pattern!

Comment by Tamara

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