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Herbal Abortion?

Hello there everybody!!! It has been a while since my last post. Can’t say I’ve been busy cuz I’d be lying and that would be bad! I’ve just been super lazy 🙂

Now I realise the weirdness that is my topic of today but believe it or not its true! Now let me start by explaining WHY I decided to discuss herbal abortion today. I was handed a leaflet by a gentleman in the street which I hung up on my wall. You see, for a few years now the people of Ireland have been fighting for abortion rights, thousands of women have to travel to the UK every year from Ireland to get legal abortion procedures performed on them. I know many people out there are against abortions but, hear me out, this post is entirely non-biased and I will not be explaining the procedure in detail.

So here goes…!

Herbal abortions (or DIY abortions) have been thought to be around since before the 8th century AD, information was passed down from mothers to daughters. From the early 1300’s up until the 1800’s possessing such knowledge of herbs which cause a woman to miscarry/abort was dangerous. Anyone caught by the authorities at the time were considered witches and were tortured to death!

Also, women believed sitting over a pot of boiling onions would induce an abortion! Other techniques involved massage, pointy objects and administration of abortifacient herbal pessaries.

The success rates for herbal abortions are between 30 and 80 percent, and are effective only within the first trimester of pregnancy. This drastically drops as the pregnancy continues.

Typically used ingredients include:


Black Cohosh

Blue Cohosh

Cotton Root Bark

Evening Primrose



Pineapple (ya i know WEIRD!)


Vitamin C

Most of the above ingredients work by either stimulating intense contractions of the uterine wall to dislodge the foetus, or by way of poisoning the foetus, not allowing it to thrive. I hope this post was intellectually stimulating for your taste 🙂 I always say there is no harm in learning something new everyday, as the saying goes! Thank you for reading!

A word of advice: Many young women all over the world find themselves in the situation of a crisis pregnancy, I only have one thing to say (and please bear in mind, I AM NOT JUDGING YOU!), we all make mistakes, its only human of us to, however;

” Live your life before you start another”

P.S. I would advise against performing any at home abortion procedure without the advice of a professional. I accept no responsibility for anyones silly idea that this piece is highly informative. Please use protection!

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intreesssting.. a kick in the tummmy is enuff..

Comment by wafa

I love the quote at the end of this post and also find the article interesting. Bravo for having the courage to put it out there!
Love your blog as well; is there a way to sign up to follow it?

Comment by Chicbanjo

There is a book on herbal and other abortions called Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods. All of the herbs you mention above are covered in detail, perhaps too much detail. This book is heavy at 450 pages, but it really gets down to the nitty gritty on this subject, and lets you know the risks associated with taking the herbs, and also the risks associated with other diy abortion options like: acupuncture, massage, menstrual extraction, and the new pharmaceutical drugs used for abortion. It also talks about what to watch out for and how to care for yourself afterwards. It really is very informative. You can preview the book on Google books: http://books.google.com/books?id=pPS7BpHnzhMC&dq=natural+liberty+sage+femme&source=gbs_summary_s&cad=0

Comment by Aurora

Um, just a small heads up about this very limited information you’ve offered. Some of the herbal remedies you’ve posted up could actually kill you if done improporly (ie penny royal, Cohosh) – perhaps in the future you should post up a few links with a bit more information to them. Or at least a warning about how little you really seem to know on the topic…..
Self abortion is not as simple as mixing up a herbal remedy…..

Comment by Erynn

I clearly stated on the bottom of the post that this post was not meant as an instruction guide to herbal abortions… it was merely a topic of interest, and should anyone want to go ahead and do it they should definitely speak to a professional in terms of herbal therapies. But thank you.

Comment by tubachingching

Just new to here, just want to say hellow to every one.

Comment by TafKakssart

Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods ISBN: 0964592002

Available to read for free!

There will always be wise women who do not need clinics to induce a miscarriage.

Comment by Annonymous

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