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January 20, 2011, 8:09 pm
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I have officially stopped using this blog and moved onto other things… I’m still crafting but check out my new blog on



Oops! How embarrassing!
April 1, 2010, 11:14 pm
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Well hello there! This post will not be long… Its been so long an apology would be PATHETIC! hehehe….. My post this time has nothing to do with crafts… more my crazy obsession with my pets!!!

I’m sitting in a room with 8 aquariums filled with various beautiful animals I’ve adopted in the past year…. and so I thought, I should change my tank setups… and ended up with the topic of my blog posts for the next few weeks. I ordered 12 custom-built aquariums to give my lovelies a good amount of space to swim/crawl/be cute in. This is gonna be a HUGE job for me as I will be starting from scratch! I want to try some different aquarium designs and wanna know what you think!!!

And yes, I’m sure you have noticed that i have 8 tanks at the time being, and ordering 12!!! Oh yes…. be curious, be very curious!!!

I have so many brilliant ideas!!! And I’m super excited!!! It will be AWESOME when its finished…. but for now…. Goodnight!

Fabric Upholstered Folder
August 14, 2009, 5:28 pm
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Today, I decided to take the day to devote a craft project for my mom…. She had asked me to print out some recipes for her, so I thought, “I’ll make it special”…. or “Mol-ify” it…. So then it hit me, I had seen a lovely line of fabric covered folders in a local stationary store for about 5KD (about $20 each) and I thought…. to buy or to make?? Surely making it wud be much more fun!!! Don’t believe me? Try it! Its also easy enough to make with kids! This tutorial is just to make the basic cover, but with a bit of glue and alot of imagination you cud embellish it to your hearts content!

You will need the following:

1 two-ring binder

Some fabric

Fabric Glue

Dressmaker’s Chalk


Stuff you need

Step 1:

Lay the fabric on a flat surface, up (patterened) -side down, and lay the binder down as shown, keeping it as flat as possible (I used 2 candle holders to keep it flat). Draw a line about one inch around the whole folder.

Hold down and draw around the binder

Step 2:

Cut the fabric on the line, and iron.

Step 3:

Next, using a paintbrush, put a light even coat of fabric glue ON THE BINDER… its important that this is done quickly and without globs of glue…


Step 4:

Now you’re ready to lay the fabric on the glue…. again, do this relatively quickly as the glue will dry!!!! Avoid crinkles sticking by flattening with the palm of your hand. Leave to dry for about an hour.

Step 5:

Now we need to stick down and seal the edges of the fabric. With the paint brush, put a coat of glue on the upper and lower borders of the file, just enough for the fabric to stick to. Stick them down.

Step 6:

Next we need to snip off the little square in the corner of the file, you don’t HAVE to do it but it makes it less bulky and messy looking.

Step 7:

Almost there!!! Just lay down the last strip of glue and stick the last bit of loose fabric down and voila! You have a funky new file!


This was just my first one but I plan on having a whole bunch of really funky looking files for the next college year!

Happy Crafting!

Thanks for looking!

Creatures of my bedroom

I was just sitting here, sipping on my cup of hot cocoa and then i thought, “Its been TOO long since my last post!”…. and my sister mannaire has kinda sparked my drive to start updating again…. Todays post will be nice and light…. its about what makes my room the funnest room in the house :P….

My room is…… lets just say… its full of life!!! LITERALLY! I share my room with the following….


The Quads, my 4 baby Red Eared Sliders

these little guys are adorable… and although I agree they should be banned from the pet trade here in Kuwait… i just had to put their photo up!!!

Liam, My oldest Chinese Soft Shelled turtle

Liam, My oldest Chinese Soft Shelled turtle

Of all the pets in my room zoo… Liam has the strongest character… Mannaire my sis just doesn’t understand him…. hence the weird conversations she has with him… ill stop there! Next, my precious!

My Albino Chinese Soft Shelled Turtle, Gooey.

My Albino Chinese Soft Shelled Turtle, Gooey.

This is Gooey. His name came from the fact that everyone who sees him goes EWWWWW… so i thought… yea.. he kinda looks gooey…. I love albino aMinals!!! Seeing as not many people keep these guys just makes it that much more exciting to own one!!! He is fiesty tho! Not a cuddley pet.

My "temporary" Apple Snail enclosure

My "temporary" Apple Snail enclosure

I say temporary cuz im too lazy to move them into the bigger tank at the moment…. as you can see, in the back wall of the tank right at the top the snails have laid some eggs… i just love little surprises like that! Theyre quite relaxing to watch as their bodies move in a fluid floaty motion…. again, most people walk in and cringe…. EWW! so thats what theyre called :>

Last but not least…. the most important man in my life, the oh so famous, Woof…..

The Don Naughty-one!

The Don Naughty-one!

Some say, “oh, its just a cat!”. Not this one. Check out Mannaire’s Post on Woof, the cat.

Thanks again for reading my post! More to come!

La Vida Es Un Carnival!!!
May 2, 2009, 2:48 pm
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Ello! It’s been a while…. I’ve been avoiding typing up a new post for my blog for a while now… that and juggling somewhat of a difficult year full of not-so-unfortunate events….

Now, for the past number of weeks, myself and my two lovely younger siblings have been preparing for ACK’s very first annual carnival which is due to take place on the 7th of May this year. Sewing machine jams, endless nagging and crying with a seam ripper in-hand are but a few of what the past weeks have been about….. I got to spend alot of time with my sisters which i havent been able to do in the past 5 and a half years. It hit me only last week that I really had to get to know them all over again as “the kids” plus all the time i spent away…. I know that when they read this it’ll put a goofy smile on their faces and hopefully land me a hug! (hint hint…)

I know this post is short but….. the next one will be great! and chocked full of photographs…. I refuse to list the stuff we will have on sale because im just weird like that sometimes…. but pictures paint a thousand words and you WILL enjoy them.


Red Dragon Craft Fair Weekend
May 7, 2008, 10:24 pm
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Swollen feet, funky gastric experiences, smiling muscle strain…. Yes everybody! I made it through my first proper craft fair! Despite the iffy food smell sticking to my clothes and the long hours spent on my feet it was one of the best weekends I had ever experienced! It was my sister Mish (check out her blog HERE), proud founder of natural organic handmade soap company, Miche Wishi, who had convinced me to participate in the craft fair. So we decided I would test out the craft market waters with a half-table selling hand crocheted items and a random selection of items I found I could make without any trouble. Two weeks of endless crafting ended in a wonderful weekend full of a vast array of great encounters with other crafters. Definitely something I would kill to do again… but seeing as I was able to fill a half table doing only 2 weeks of work (with the help and inspiration of Machelle, of course!), my next aim is to have a full 6 foot table to fill with my funky crafts to display and share with the world of crafters and handmade product appreciators (huh? Lol)

Handmade jewellery, woodworking, bathcare, and the funkiest accessories I’ve seen in such a small place all at one time!!!

This is Little Mae. She was the first of 6 Crochet dolls with wacky hair that I had decided to make. She, along with the rest of her fellow Crochet-tians were sent away to what I am sure were great homes where they will be appreciated and well taken care of 🙂

My Kryptonite…. at least in the beginning!!! hehehe…. These bracelets made my cortical hormones soar to their peak levels!!! But I got the hang of things eventually 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post on my adventure in craft-fairing!

Feel free to enjoy the photos of my table at the fair below!

My table on day one

My table on day one (above)

The amoebug family…. So cute!! Dont cha think?

and the morning of the last day… this is what i was left with..

Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse
May 6, 2008, 3:16 pm
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Easy Peasy catnip mouse

Materials Needed:

Small amount of scrap acrylic yarn, small amount of catnip, 3.5mm crochet hook, some stuffing, Jingley bell (optional).


Ch 17,

Row 1: sc in 2nd st from hook and continue till the end. This will make the tail.

Row 2: Next, make 7 sc in the last loop of the tail (ie. In last sc). (7st total)

Row 3: We will be working in a spiral so do not sl st into the first of the 7 sc. Next, do 2sc in each sc (14st total)

Row 4: *sc in 1st sc, 2sc in 2nd sc* repeat 6 times. (21st total)

Row 5-7: sc in each sc

Row 8: sc in first 5 sc, sc next two sts tog. Repeat until you can just snugly fit your index finger into the top of the mouse. Stuff with catnip and stuffing (and bell).

*next we add the ears. Get another colour of yarn, join it to the outer lip of one sc, as we will use the inner lip to complete the mouse. Ch 2, then in the same sc make 2 dc, sl st in same sc lip. Next, sl st in the outer lip of the next stitch, and the one after. Next, ch 2, 2dc and sl st. tie and cut off.

Row 9: Continue with sc in 1st sc, sc next 2 sts tog, until you only have 7 sts around left. After which just sc next 2 sts tog until you are left with about 3 sts. Leave a 3 inch tail of yarn to seal and secure.

Weave in any loose ends into the mouse, et voilá!!! You have a catnip mouse!